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Tell us about your needs. We can give you an estimate on your savings if you’re switching to solar, or schedule an initial inspection for an insulation installation. We’ll answer all your questions, discuss financial and installation options, and align on a timeline.

Invest in the Sun for a Brighter Future

Quality Products

We feature the highest-quality American-made solar energy materials. At Elite Energy, we understand that quality materials make for continued customer satisfaction for years to come.

Wipe out Energy Bills with Solar

When your panels produce more energy than you use, it gets fed back into the electric grid. This process, known as net metering, means that you’ll have a credit on your energy bill when you need to use more energy than you’re producing.

Earn Credits for Low Energy Use

Our technicians build individualized plans based on a household’s energy usage. The energy your home uses can be completely derived from solar panels installed on your roof. Without taking energy from your municipality’s energy grid, you won’t be charged for using electricity.



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Solar energy can save up to 75% off your monthly bills!

Solar Panel Installations

We service all of North Carolina and the surrounding states.  Call us today to get a free quote.

Think Differently

By choosing solar panels you differentiate yourself from the old standards of living and make your home more modern and sustainable.

Solar Energy Brings Many Benefits

There are several benefits to having solar energy installed at your home or business.

Make a Change

By switching to solar you will feel better because you won’t have to worry about paying electrical bill ever again!

More Installations

We service all of North Carolina and the surrounding states.  Call us today to get a free quote.

Large Field of Tracking Units

Large Field of Tracking Units

Solar Power Street Lights with Batter Backup

Solar Umbrella on Waterfront

Large Solar Panels

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We can install solar systems for homes, businesses, and commercial enterprises.


We can discuss your needs and determine what system best fits your energy needs.

Renovation & Refurbishment

Do you have an older solar system that needs to be updated?  Call us today and we can give your solar system a complete overhaul.


Do you have a current solar system that needs service?  We can fix and update all types of solar systems.