About Us

About Elite Energy

Elite Energy, LLC is a new solar panel company owned by two veterans. Our main office is in Wilson, North Carolina. Elite Energy, LLC will be providing solar panels and installation services in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Our company specializes in the installation and sales of the latest renewable energy equipment that is perfect for making residential, commercial, or government properties reduce dependence on the grid by up to 50%. These services will eventually be expanded to meet the needs of the greater United States.

Elite Energy, LLC will separate itself from other companies by investing only in green technologies and the creation of green jobs for our 95% veteran staff. It is important for Elite Energy, LLC to be different from their competitors in this very large industry. Our goal is to provide the best solar plant installation services and provide high-quality solar panels.

Our Mission Statement

As a new SDVOSB/minority-owned developer and manufacturer, Elite Energy’s mission is…

To empower communities by providing affordable and renewable energy for residential customers including low income housing, government assisted housing, and veteran housing. 

To focus first on the minority markets as well as developing excellence in products, marketing, customer services, and sales.  

To become a recognized leader in providing solar products to minority communities.

Our Objectives

The objectives of Elite Energy are to make certain important things happen within the first year including raising funds or capitalizing the company.  Also, acquisition of space and equipment, and hiring and training will be done within the first year.  Set-up the office and manufacturing facilities will be necessary as well as various other infrastructure objectives will be the focus during the first year.

The objectives will shift during the latter part of the first year to include putting the marketing plan and the operation plans to work. Acquiring sales and recognition of Elite services by means of local advertising and promotions.  By the end of the first year, it is anticipated that Elite will have completed 10-20 residential and 5-10 commercial solar projects.  It will also have shipped panels to other developers.

The objectives in the second year will be to expand in every category as the experience, advertisement, recognition and word of moth kicks in.  Keeping the estimates conservative, it is estimated that during the second year, Elite will do 45-45 residential projects, 15-20 commercial projects and will ship 150-200 solar panels to other customers.