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If you are going solar, go solar all the way! Elite Energy provides solar panels and solar inverters for residential and commercial properties. Our products are designed to work more efficiently so you can make the most of the abundant solar energy and the vast savings it brings. Protect your home or business with a variety of innovative solar products.

Solar Panels




We service all of North Carolina and the surrounding states.  Call us today to get a free quote.

Large Field of Tracking Units

Large Field of Tracking Units

Solar Power Street Lights with Battery Backup

Solar Umbrella on Waterfront

Large Solar Panels

Portable Solar Generator - 1000W

1000W Portable Solar Generator

The solar generator is charged by the clean and gratuitous energy of the Sun. A connected photovoltaic module charges the integrated solar battery and provides electric power immediately and for free in the most remote places and locations. The solar box offers a perfect blend of mobility, power, and simplicity of use.